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SFA Therapeutics
A New Paradigm for Treating Chronic Inflammatory Disease
A completely new approach
to drug discovery and development.
A new platform in the
treatment of chronic
inflammatory disease.
– the use of microbiome-derived metabolites as drugs.

Our Platform

Deriving drugs from bacterial metabolites found
in man means no genotoxicity, faster clinical development and safer treatments.

Our pipeline includes treatments for Psoriasis, Liver Cancer (Hepatitis B, NASH and HCC), Ophthalmic Diseases, Cytokine Release Syndrome- a side effect in CAR-T, Prevention of Relapse/Recurrence in Leukemias, and other diseases.

Safer, Faster to Market and Lower R&D Cost

Our microbiome-derived drugs are derived from natural substances and enable a new platform to develope treatments which have the potential to treat over 85 chronic inflammatory diseases currently afflicting patients, providing safer treatments than current therapies.

Current Focus

SFA Therapeutics Currently has compounds in development in the current research areas

Clinical Development

Autoimmune Diseases: Psoriasis
Infectious Disease: Cytokine Storm in COVID-19, Sepsis,
Viral infection.


Liver Diseases: Hepatitis B, Steatosis, NASH, NAFLD

Dermatology: Bullous Pemphigus (Rare Autoimmune Disease)

Ophthalmology: Uveitis

Oncology: Liver Cancer, Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), Prevention of Cytokine Storm in CAR T Therapy.



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