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Overview of SFA Therapeutics

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SFA Therapeutics’ CEO Dr Ira Spector presents an overview of the company and its platform technology SFA Overview Presentation on YouTube

Introduction to SFA Liver Disease and Oncology Programs.

SFA Oncology More information here

We received US Patent 10,143,669B2; to prevent Hepatitis B progression to HCC, a liver cancer that affects 400 million patients and causes 1 million cancer deaths annually.

A second patent, US Patent 10,231,941 B2, is to directly treat fibrosis, NASH and liver cancer.

Introduction to SFA Psoriasis and Autoimmune Disease Program.

Psoriasis and Autoimmune Disease Program 

The FDA has approved entry into Phase 2a with our drug for psoriasis, and we have an IND approved and a Phase 1b clinical trial in patients underway.

Patents are pending in psoriasis and autoimmune diseases, including uveitis, cytokine storm, and preventing the recurrence of leukemia and lymphoma.

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